First Experience: User Onboard Journey of Autodesk Infraworks

How to engage users along installation and onboarding new features?


Sep. 2014 - Mar. 2015
Design team, learning content developer
UX Designer
Targeted Users
Infraworks users
Design Scope
Pattern library Prototype User Testing
Contextual help pattern library got recognition from peer Autodesk designers. Installation design received very positive feedback from external users.

First Experience

The first project I lead designing at Autodesk is to deliver an engaging first experience to help users get started with InfraWorks 360, a civil engineering design software with data-rich 3D models. During the customer journey, First Experience covers multiple touch points where users get onboard with the product and develop design skills using InfraWorks 360. Its components consist of product installation & update, first product launch, trial experience and in-product help where the design helps a novice user become an expert.

First Experience Components

Product Tour: curated learning contents during installation or first launch

Onboard help: coachmark and step-through to present new features

Interactive dialog: bot initiated conversational walkthrough

Contextual Callout: highlight certain elements while not blocking actions

Trial experience: in-product messaging to introduce trial term and services

Design Guidelines

- Aware of user profile and provide curated and crafted onboard experiences

- Build humane conversations and avoid software jargons, show more than tells

- Showcase 3D visual capabilities early to engage userss

- Learn through doing: provide contextual help right next to user taskss

- Allow users to opt out of help mode at any times

- Copywrite is about user benefits rather than product featuress

- Reward users right in the context

Contextual help

Installation Flow


Through working with cross-function team, including content delelopers and installation team, we came up with three design deliverables: Contextual Help Patterns, Product Installation-Tour Design and Seamless Delivery Design.

When I presented the installation flow to customers, they were very excited about the curated experience and proposed that if it could help personalize the product UI. Unfortunately the installation tool didn’t get built into product in the end, but there is a lot of learning for product feature development where we could onboard users with curated and personalized experiences.