Hi, I'm Surong.

A product designer who loves crafting innovative products for emerging design medium and problem space, and applying systematic thinking to bring clarity to complex problems.

I'm currently designing mobile app and data dashboards to make healthcare efficient and deliver delightful experiences to care teams.

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PathFinder: patient board to facilitate discharge planning

PathFinder by Qventus is a key offering for hospital clients to streamline patient flow, so they can reduce length of stay and lower operational costs. I lead redesigning the dashboard which proved to present actionable data and delightful experiences to care teams.

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Mobile nudges to help turn data into actions

Qventus mobile app delivers contextual real-time notifications (nudge) to the care team, and allows different roles to collaborate in a single thread, which enables continuous data driven decisions at scale. I delivered both incremental design changes to enhance usabiity and overall redesign to help validate long term product vision.

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Design Process

I'm a generalist who works on full design lifecycle, from initial design concept and validation stage, to hands-on prototype and usability testing. I partner up with people across functional teams to help achieve the overall business goals as well as build user empathy within the team.

Crafted Design Works

During my six years working as a designer, I'm adaptive to wear multiple hats to make the team successful. I'm always curious to learn and take on design challenges within different industries and keep improving my crafting skill. Products I have shipped cover retailing, architecture, film and healthcare industries, and I'm open to explore new territories.

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